How to Host the Garden Party of the Year

No garden party is complete without a cosy get together. Whether you order pizza, cook from the kitchen or fire up the barbecue, it is essential to create a nice eating area for your guests.

This can be made from crates as a table, blankets, pillows.  You really can use anything – you’re only limited by your own creativeness! Let’s face it, no one wants to sit on the grass to eat their dinner.  We can all agree that creepy crawlies don’t go well in a burger!

Creating the perfect Summer drink!

Most parties include alcohol, so why not allow your guests to create their own cocktails and drinks.

Make sure to set up a drinks area and include a large variety of fruits to use as garnishes for different drinks – this is bound to go down a treat with your guests! Set up instructions for specific cocktails you know they will love on a creative display board. Tie colourful buckets to ropes and hang them from a strong tree. Fill the buckets with ice and you have funky beer coolers in the shade – out of reach from small hands!

As night falls, supply blankets and light up the garden with cute hanging lights, allowing your party to go on into the early hours of the night. Glow sticks are great for night time, the kids will love it and they are budget friendly as well.

Create a photo opportunity for your friends to make memories and have fun! Hang an empty picture frame from a tree, or get creative will a full-size backdrop, either a door or hang colourful streamers.

Garden parties can be made unique and interactive if you find someone to play DJ, with shoutouts and music on request everyone will have the best possible time.

Incorporate beloved childhood games

Incorporate some fun activities, outdoor games such as Frisbee, Hoopla, Egg and Spoon races or even Twister. Involve the kids! Find out what their favourite outdoor activates are and get the adults playing old school childhood games they haven’t taken part in for years.

Be sure to provide fruity summer snacks to keep everyone fed and happy! Not everyone will want to indulge in fried, unhealthy food, so make sure to provide options which are health conscious and also child-friendly.

Be creative with your food display.  You may be surprised that easy quick snacks can still look delicious and yummy.

Create the perfect flower ice cubes

Clean and set tiny flowers in ice, this will make every drink at the party Instagrammable and fun. Fruit sticks are always a hit in summer – cut the fruit into fun shapes and let your guests enjoy!

Create a grand entrance

Whether it’s your garden gate or back door, make people excited as they enter the party by creating a welcome sign or streamer curtain as your guests enter.