The Expert Guide to Decorative Shelves

There is a fine line between a cluttered messy shelf and a decorative creative shelf. This guide will help give you some tips and ideas to inspire you on what will be the best display for your home.

Firstly, this topic is very dependent on what room you are looking to decorate. The living area is the most common place in the household to display decorative shelving techniques.

The aim is to make your decorative shelving look as effortless and organic as possible.  Avoid trying too hard or being too precise with the location of items on the shelf. Pictures are the first item that you should consider – why not include images from family gatherings or big events to make your display personal!

Add in some candles, vases and unique objects.  You can even try upcycling old decorative objectives to help cut costs of your project.  Plants can also be a cheap way to fill space and you can use online sources for inspiration if you are looking to make your display unique.

Try and ensure either gold or silver is chosen, the mix of both can often be unpleasing to the eye and can contradict the design of your room. Ensure you dust and clean regularly to ensure your display does not turn into a dust bunny collector.

Adding soft lighting can also be effective, as it is a nice and original way to light up any room. When creating a decorative shelf in your bedroom be sure to add more personal items, that you maybe wouldn’t want on display for your guests in the living room.

To summarise, keep it clean tidy and simple, do not over accessorise , ensure the items are in par with the rest of your rooms colour scheme and theme. Make it look effortless and imperfect is perfect when it comes to this fun interior technique.