The easiest ways to freshen up your home décor

When it comes to making smart interior design changes, you may be surprised to hear that there are plenty of small things you can do to cheer up drab, tired spaces in your home.  These simple and easy to manage design upgrades are quick and cost-effective.  Here are our top tips to freshen up your home décor in 2019.  Even better, they’re fail proof, so even interior novices will be able to achieve spectacular looks with these design tips.

From reworking classic pieces you already own, to adding small finishing touches, there is something for just about anyone.  Whether it’s tips on achieving a quick home refresh or completing a stress-free home overhaul, this guide has something for everyone.  Get ready to take notes and make your home instantly feel brand new!

Invest in more mirrors!

When it comes to finding savvy interior design tips, it’s really no surprise that mirrors are a fantastic (and easy way) to make any space in your home instantly feel larger and brighter.  Mirrors also help to add a touch of opulence to any room and adding this everyday glamour throughout your home will provide an instant home refresh!

We definitely recommend testing out different sizes and design styles until you find the perfect option that easily captures your personality and helps to enhance your chosen design style.  One simple way to add drama and a hint of elegance is to create a focal point with an inexpensive and easy-to-find mirror that can be hung horizontally.  If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not stack mirrors above each other to create a mirrored wall.  This top tip is bound to save you a small fortune on interior design upgrades!

Hunt for the perfect rug

Struggling to find the perfect item to give your living room a much-needed revamp?  Why not take a cue from the classic (and forever chic) interior design ideas above and add a well-placed rug!  As you can see, everything is balanced and helps to create a sense of continuity within the overall room décor.  Without a foundation rug tying all of the design elements together, this look just wouldn’t work.  Make sure to follow suit and find a large rug to bring all of the fabrics and furnishings in your living room together.

Get ready to go green!

Looking for home décor ideas that are green and inexpensive?  Cheaper than mirrors, creating your very own urban jungle is the perfect way to bring any room in your home to life.  Adding greenery to your home will instantly help to purify the air and add a subtle fragrance that guests are sure to love.

Plants can also help to create a dramatic mood by working with muted, neutral tones to create eye-catching focal points in different rooms in your home.  Ivy is perfect for adding intrigue and is also extremely easy to care for.  Plus, it grows quickly and is very inexpensive. -what’s not to love?